GIVEAWAYS ARE HERE!!!! PS5 and much much more!!!

2 min readMay 1, 2021

NFT WARS is conducting an airdrop/giveaway to random WAR stakers and lp providers out there, starting from 05/01/2021 till 05/10/2021. If you know someone who owns WAR — share this post with them 😉

What is NFT WARS and why we are airdropping our NFT?

NFT Wars is a revolutionary new Blockchain game and collectables system utilizing both the Ethereum and (soon) Polygon projects to provide a smooth, as well as fast gameplay. As we are growing in numbers and expanding our presence on the market, we created this giveaway to give NFT WARS community the power to influence decisions and incentivize active participation.

Who is eligible to receive the NFT AirDrop and PS5 giveaway?

In order to participate, you need to have staked your WAR or provide LP — meaning that you should have bought them on the exchange that is listed, staked it on our official platform or provided LP.

How many PS5 and NFTs are being airdropped, and when?

3 rare NFT cards signed by MARVEL artist DOMINIC RACHO will be airdropped to three random stakers and lp providers and also a PlayStation 5 for a lucky staker or lp provider.

Spread the word

We want to make this airdrop/giveaway as fair as it can be, and reach out to all WAR holders out there. If you know someone who owns WAR and hasn’t staked yet — make sure to share this information with them!





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